Michael Vaughan comes up trumps with a great block

I always used to enjoy Michael Vaughan’s cover drives. Yet today, I’m quite a fan of his block.

Vaughan is annoyed at the ECB for their tough stance against Durham. He’s not alone, and he’s probably right.

The one thing that has riled him the most about it all though is the removal of their Test ground status.

Now, as I mentioned in my last blog, Vaughan is one of the biggest fans of this city T20 malarkey. As someone who isn’t, I found this tweet fairly amusing, so I responded…

This from a man who wants 10 counties to have no top-class T20. Unbelievable. https://t.co/Hr2ZXqwBzL

— Jon Phipps (@jonphipps81) October 3, 2016

Vaughan, probably my third favourite England captain, could have used this opportunity to have an interesting debate, point out his own hypocrisy and engage with people with a different opinion.

He decided, however, to block me and go back to talking about golf.

I’m quite honoured. My first celebrity block, and for just pointing out the man’s inconsistent views on cricket in this country.

Great player, Vaughan. I always enjoyed him as a batsman, the Ashes 2005 was amazing. I backed him on Strictly. Hell, I even live in a road named after him* – but I think blocking me – and I’ve since learned I’m not alone – for pointing out his wayward opinions is the best thing he’s done.

* – well, not true, but I won’t be referring to it as Michael Vaughan Drive any time soon…


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